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About us

Welcome to Bear Lake Landscape, Inc. We began in 1970 as Bear Lake Security and changed to Bear Lake Maintenance in 1983. As time went on our landscaping services became a large part of what we do so we changed our name again in 2001 to Bear Lake Landscape, Inc.  We specialize in cold-hardy plant material and cold-climate landscaping.

SERVICES:  [Bear Lake Valley Only]  We have been providing high-quality, full-service landscaping to the Bear Lake Valley for many years, and plan to be here for many more. We don’t just install our landscapes and disappear, we provide maintenance service too! Our services include landscape installation, landscape design, flower bed design, lawn mowing, lawn fertilizer treatment, pesticide application, herbicide application, aeration, weeding, fall leaf pickup, sprinkler system maintenance, sprinkler system turn on and shut off, and snow removal.


We offer signature, high-quality service because of the people in our company. From our managers to our laborers, we have the kind of people who make quality happen.

Bryce and Jennifer Huefner (owners)

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