Bulk Material For Sale

$70 per cubic yard


Black Painted Wood Mulch

 This product is a blend of shredded fir, pine bark, and white wood.  It helps to retain moisture and inhibit weed growth.  Your shrub and flowr beds will look really nice and finished with this mulch.  We recommend 3" deep coverage for maximuim benefit.  Black Mulch is painted with a water-soluble paint, and is guaranteed to hold its color for up to 12 months.  Top dress your landscape beds every spring to keep them looking fresh and functioning well!

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$70 per cubic yard

Medium Chunk Bark

Medium bark is used as a decorative ground cover for high profile areas such as walkways and entrances. Medium bark is a natural weed barrier, retains ground moisture, and protects the ground from harsh temperatures.


$70 per cubic yard

Cedar Mulch

Cedar Mulch is an all-natural product.  It is aromatic, and is used in the landscape industry to control weeds and to beautify roadsides, homes, and businesses. Cedar is a dense and moisture retaining product that bonds together, mats down, and stays in place (great for windy areas and hillsides). Cedar is a natural pest control, eliminating the need for expensive and harmful pesticides.

$85 per cubic yard


"This is our fourth year using Oakdell's organic compost at Thanksgiving Point Gardens.  The compost has bveen great for our flower beds, trees, and shrubs.  It keeps them looking Healthy each year!  We can always count on Oakdell's organic compost to help us grow our beautiful 250,000 tulips for the annual tulip festival, and to make all of our thousands of flowers and plants look fantastic for the entire season."


Why should I use Oakdell’s compost in my gardens?

Compost can help your gardens, trees, flowers, and grass grow more efficiently. It does so by helping with the following:

  • Progressively improving soil quality

  • Reducing soil compaction

  • Increasing water retention in the soil

  • Reducing fertilizer demand

Physical Properties of Oakdell’s Organic Compost:

  • Medium to dark, rich brown color

  • Little, if any, odor (smells like fresh soil)

  • Contains organic humic acid

  • A more dense and heavy product, typically weighs between 30-40 pounds per cubic foot

  • No human waste (like from city municipalities)

  • Ingredients: local organic straw, wood chips and shavings, organic poultry manure and other carbon sources.


$60 per cubic yard

Premium Top Soil

This top soil is great for all your soil needs whether planting a garden, shrub bed, or prepping for sod or grass seed. This is top-notch, well-draining soil that is ideal for planting and maintaining healthy plants.  Combine this with Oakdell compost for excellent plant vibrance and health!

$60 per cubic yard



This is a fine sand similar to beach sand.

$60 per cubic yard


Playground Chips

Playground Chips are an engineered wood fiber that is a paper-quality pine chip.  It is sliver-free and non-toxic virgin wood.  If you have people and pets to protect, it’s a great option for your playground and landscaping needs!


$65 per cubic yard

Pea Gravel

Our smallest size gravel pieces are around 1/2" to 1"; are round, smooth washed rock with natural color.

$60 per cubic yard


1" Gravel

$60 per cubic yard


Road Base

This makes a good driveable surface.

$60 per cubic yard


2" Gravel

This is our largest size gravel.

$65 per cubic yard


1" River Rock

These gravel pieces are 1" rounded, smooth, washed rock with natural color.

$80 per cubic yard


1" Black Lava Rock

Volcanic rock pieces are rounded and porous.

$80 per cubic yard


1/2" Black Lava Rock

Volcanic rock pieces are rounded and porous.

$80 per cubic yard


1 Red Lava Rock

Volcanic rock pieces are rounded and porous.

$80 per cubic yard


1/2" Red Lava Rock

Volcanic rock pieces are rounded and porous.

$30 per cubic yard


Homemade Grass Mulch

Our home-made, composted grass clippings are collected and composted right here on our yard.  There are no other ingredients.  It works well for loosening heavy clay soil.

$10 per cubic yard


Fill Dirt

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