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Hen Gardening

Our gardening crew has some new feathered employees!  These gals love their work.  They can effectively reduce the insect population in your yard without toxic chemicals.  They also release an organic, bioavailable fertilizer as they go!  You can enjoy the benefits of hen gardening without all the responsibility of taking care of these amazing animals.


In the last 2 years, I have become more aware of the need for our company to offer pesticide (lawn spray and bug spray) services which are independent of synthetic chemical to control pests.  I know that you, your children, grandchildren, and guests spend time in your yard and on your lawn and I recognize that many of you want to minimize or eliminate the use of toxic chemicals while still controlling insects.


I am working on options to use less synthetic chemicals in the yard and in the landscape in order to reduce toxicity to people, pets, and the microflora that exists in the healthy soil.  I would like to introduce our Hen Gardening.  Jennifer and I have had hens in our backyard since March and our backyard has never looked better.  The grass is vibrant, the trees are healthier, and the shrubs look good.  Yes, the hens do make a bit of a mess, but with a little cleanup and guidance from the gardeners, the landscape looks great.  We didn't use any synthetic chemicals in our yard all summer.  The spider and insect population in our yard was drastically reduced, and this cut down our spider and insect population in our home.  


Are you interested in the benefits of hen gardening?  If our gardening crew already visits your home weekly or bi-monthly then if you would like to add the Hen Gardening service, give us a call and request that our gardeners bring the hens to your home.  While gardening, the hens will be set on the property as well.  When the gardeners are done on your property they will gather the hens and quickly clean up any messes the hens created and then move to the next property.   There will be 4-6 hens in the group and they like to follow and be near the gardeners.  They are fun to watch as well.


For those owners we provide Hen Gardening for, we want to use as little synthetic chemical as possible so the hens are healthy, the landscape is healthy, the hen's eggs are healthy and your property is chemical free.  To do this will require some additional mechanical weeding in the lawn area, and we recommend applying humate to increase the availability of the existing nutrients in the soil.  


If you have interest in this new service please give us a call. 1-435-757-0967

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