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Landscape Design

       If your landscape project is more than $10,000 you need a professional design completed by our architect.  If it is less than $10,000, a simple design process can be completed while we take measurements on your property and an estimate can be given based on that.  Our friendly staff can assist you in knowing if what you have in mind will require a Professional Architectural Design or a Simple Design.  If you already have a professional design and are looking for a construction estimate, please click on over to the Landscape Construction page where you can make that request.  We have a simple 3-step process to get your design completed.


Call our office at 435-946-8244 or submit the contact form below to schedule a consultation.  Our designer or architect will meet with you on your property to discuss your landscape project and take measurements.  We charge $75 per hour for this service.


Once your consultation is complete we will do your design work, which include the following options:  a) Plot Plan, a to-scale drawing of your yard ($75/hour fee); b) Simple Landscape Design ($75/hour fee); c) Professional Architectural Landscape Design by our architect ($   ).  You own the plot plan or designs.  It will cost approximately $600 for a 1/3 acre landscape simple design and estimate.  Professional architectural designs depend on the size and scope of the project.


Once your design is completed we will submit it to you for approval or changes.  When the design is completed to your satisfaction, we can move it into our construction schedule.  A $100 deposit will secure your project on the construction schedule.  One week before your project begins your downpayment is due.  Click over to our Landscape Construction page to learn more about that process.

Are We The Right Contractor For You?!

Over our many years of doing work for many different customers, we have come to realize that we may not be the best contractor for some people.  We believe it's best to make that determination right up front for the sake of us and you!  If you can honestly say yes to the following questions, we may be the right contractor for you!  If you answer no to the following questions, we are NOT the right contractor for you.

1.  Am I happily willing to pay the price for high-quality workmanship and materials?

2. Am I calm and polite when communicating with those working on my property, even if I'm concerned about something?  

Our company prides itself on being the very best at what we do in the Bear Lake Valley.  We live and work here, so high-quality workmanship and materials are the only way we do things.  We see almost every day the results of others' lower quality work, and spend a fair amount of our time repairing it for people.  We find that landscaping done on the cheap actually costs people more than landscaping done right the first time.  Repairs to a faulty landscape are far more costly than constructing it correctly to begin with.  Often a repaired landscape never does function very well like it would had it been done properly from the start.  We understand wanting to be judicious with your money, but our experience tells us that cheaper isn't always cheaper, if you get what we mean.  In our own personal lives, we have learned that it's almost never wise to go with the lowest bidder because it will cost you in the long run.  Our recommendation is to choose a landscape plan that can be constructed properly so that it will look and function how you want it to for many years to come.  Keep in mind the maintenance of your landscape does have a cost associated with it, and design it with your ideal maintenance cost in mind.  For ideas on how to accomplish this discuss the topic with our designers.