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Do you have weeds or pests?  WE can help!

Lawn Treatments:

#1 Pre-Emergent & Fertilizer - Early Spring: This is the earliest spring treatment.  It prevents weeds and seeds from germinating to prevent weeds later in the growing season.  Only the following spring will you see the results.  Also in this treatment is a special fertilizer to stimulate the growth and make your lawn green faster.

#2 Humate and Contact Weed Killer - Spring: A customer favorite! This treatment is essential for killing the newly growing broadleaf weeds in your lawn such as: dandelions, plantain, mallow and spurge.  You will see results within the first few weeks.  We also apply humic acid which improves soil condition and allows the plants to access more of the existing nutrients in the soil.

#3 Bug Killer and Fertilizer - Summer: To keep your grass greener and to control harmful grubs, bill bug, and lawn moth larvae.

#4 Bug Killer - Late Summer:  A very strong insecticide to control grubs, bill bugs, lawn moths, earwigs, and many others.  In this service we also spray the foundation of your home to help prevent those unwanted pests around your home.

#5 Contact Weed Killer and Fertilizer - Fall:  This is a great way to 100% prepare your lawn for winter and for the next spring! It controls those broadleaf weeds from germinating later in the season plus the fertilizer helps prepare your grass for the winter.


Humate Applications:

Humate Soil Conditioner Application: We apply 1lb. of live earth humate to 150 square feet of turf or planting beds. Humate helps soil retain moisture and helps plants absorb nutrients in the soil. Humate is not a manufactured chemical. It occurs naturally and is mined in Emery Utah.  I recommend applying at least once a year for greatest benefit and it works best on lawns that are aerated.

Pre-emergent and Contact Weed Killer for Driveways: Best done in early spring. Helps keep weeds out of gravels driveways.

Spot Treatments to Kill Weeds - One time Charge - For Season Long Control: It may take multiple applications. This treatment may be needed more than once as season depending on the yard situation. Chemical is used to kill all weeds and grass in a designated area.  It is good for fences lines, yards to prepare for a lawn, preparation for new gardens, parking strips & fields. 

Tree Applicants:

Fruit Tree Services: This treatment kills any eggs or scale that is present in the bark of the tree. There are four treatments total. The first is the dormant oil in the early spring before the tree leafs out - this helps keep the eggs from hatching. The following three applications are strong insecticides to help control worms and other harmful fruit trees. USU Extension Service sets Service dates.  

Quaking Aspen Trees: Fungus Treatment for Black Spot Fungus: This treat starts early spring, shortly after leaving out and includes four sprayings of fungicide in ten day intervals - weather permitting. This prevents black spot fungus on Quakies. 

Oyster Shell Scale: Before leafing out we apply an oil that includes an insecticide to kill all living insects on the trees. This treatment controls problems that cannot be fixed later in the year and if left untreated the tree may die. 

Borer Control for Quaking Aspen, Birch, Ash and Locus Trees, Ground Treatment: In this treatment the chemical is applied to the soil in the early spring and absorbed by the tree. This makes the tree toxic to any insects that may be harmful to the tree. We also injected the active borer holes to endure a good kill. This treatment may take a repeated applications every year.

Surface Spray: This is a heavy spraying to entire tree in the mid-summer, when the borers are flying from tree laying eggs. Due to a heavy borer infestation during the past few years, this treatment is highly recommended.

Spruce Trees, Gall Midge: This treatment is usually done in the month of May to prevent the maturing of aphid eggs. These eggs form at the end of the new growth and the gall will swell and gradually turn brown in the fall. The galls from previous years look like brown pine cones.

Ground Injection Root Fertilizer: This treatment makes the trees and shrubs healthier. This treatment is especially great for newly landscaped yards because normal lawn fertilizer won't supply nutrients for these woody type plants.

Treat Trees and Shrub for Iron Chlorosis: Should be done in the spring.

Pre-emergent for Gardens, Shrub or Flower Beds.  While applying chelated iron to the trees or shrubs is a good measure, consider a long term approach so solving the problem by adding humate and mulch.


Pest Control:

Insect Infestations: This treatment is for the home and/or for trees that have problems with: Spiders, earwigs, crickets, aphids, box elders bugs, ants, or any other problematic insect. Spring, summer, and fall treatments are highly beneficial!

Rodent Control: This treatment can be done inside the home and/or around the yard. We can take care of your extermination needs for: Mice, Moles, Voles, Skunks, Rock Chucks, Snakes, Bats, birds, and many others pests.

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