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60 S. Paradise Parkway

Garden City, UT


Bryce Huefner: Owner

Office: 435-946-8244

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Landscape Design/Installation

      Have you ever planted trees only to have them be too close together a few years later?  Have you ever planted a tree to find that it blocked your view of the lake too much?  Perhaps your neighbor's quaking aspen started spreading suckers into your lawn?  Having a professional landscape plan to implement into your yard will prevent the problems that come from just throwing plants in here and there.  Whether you install your landscape all at once or phase it in over years, you can be assured that your landscape will be beautiful, functional, and appropriate for your space!

Call us today to schedule an appointment with our designer or architect at 435-946-8244. Or fill out the application below.

We charge $60/hr for creating a plot plan (to scale drawing of your yard), and $500 for a 1/3 acre landscape design and cost proposal.

The customer owns the design.

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